Spectacular Steampunk Slideshow featuring New Yorker Cartoonist Bob Eckstein

Did you know there was a Steampunk house? Built by the King of Steampunk? That the first Steampunk show wasn’t until 2010 in Oxford?

Steampunk: Bits & Pieces is a presentation of some of the best Steampunk art and gadgets in the world brought to you by New Yorker cartoonist and local Bob Eckstein who will also share his cartoons and paintings from his NY Times bestseller World’s Greatest Bookstores.

Included in the slideshow will be his Steampunk office (voted one of the 10 Coolest Offices), the home of the Steampunk King, Bruce Rosenbaum (where he recently stayed), the work of corset artist Tamar Stone (his wife) and a sneak peak of the Steampunk movie Lantern City. A very Steampunky program, indeed.